Getting ready to launch an exciting new business? Or maybe your existing business needs a profile boost? Whatever size or stage your business is at, you’ll want to grow your leads and sales. To help you make that happen, Pixel Effect provide a comprehensive suite of services to elevate your brand’s presence – online and off.

Graphic Design and Print

Get ready to impress with a cohesive look and message across your brand. We can work with your current brand identity to expand your marketing collateral, or create something fresh and original that includes logo design, customised websites, business cards, brochures, packaging, signage, promotional material and more.

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Online and Website Development

We get under the hood of your business to super-charge your online services and website. This is where we improve the online usability of your business with purpose-built web and cloud-based solutions, such as ecommerce integrations, responsive design and mobile app development to enhance your customers’ experience.

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Website and Content Management

Does it sometimes feel like managing your site and online presence is a full time job? It doesn’t have to. We can take care of all your regular back-ups, security audits, updates, maintenance and other web-related tasks for you, including creating content for your site or social media platforms.

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